Maurizio Berlinghieri

In 2017 we were mentioned by Maurizio Berlinghieri on his list of the best Italian producers. This mention assures how the link with tradition is not necessarily to be found in the old and in the démodé, but how, indeed, it is overcome in modernity and innovation if it is associated with respect for strict rules. The products must be, for example, exclusively Italian, transformed on Italian soil with Italian water, away from busy roads and polluting companies. The use of chemicals is forbidden, and the temperature in the transformation phase of the product must be subject to a certain threshold, so that the nutritional properties are not compromised. These meticulous attentions are aimed at consumer health, the protection of biodiversity, the true Made in Italy and the welfare of animals. This code of ethics subverts the usual rules related to the world of production, to build a new business concept, respectful and sustainable. A new world, of which Morgana del Re wants to be a part.

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