About us

Our love for the land and for the raw ingredients, cultivated with an ever lasting commitment, has been handed down for three generations, from grandpa Oreste and grandma Fiorentina, through my parents Roberto and Giuliana, up to me. The first hazels were planted by our ancestors more than two centuries ago, and even though they couldn’t always sustain our family, the visceral love for my land has quickly made them my raison d’être.

Our values, sacrifices, efforts, and unbroken dedication are but a small part of an ambitious project, such as to carry out a work which began over 100 years ago, with determination, passion, and the awareness that each hazelnut treasures a part of our land, a part of us all.

I wish a kind thought and a warm thank you to my grandmother Piera, the first one to have helped to shell and to toast the hazelnuts for the first tests, immediately after the establishment of the farm. She inspires me and gives me strength every morning.

The Laboratory

The old farmstead of grandpa Oreste has now been turned into a laboratory of excellence, in which the hazelnut is transformed into multiple products. The “tonda gentile trilobata”, a type of extremely fine hazelnut, with a typical three lobed shape, is processed with selected machines, until it becomes cream, praline or delicious oil. Each phase of the production process is carried out with the utmost care and with the utmost respect for the quality of the raw material and the surrounding land.

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