Since we started this activity, our prerogative has been to cultivate and transform hazelnuts using the BIOLOGICAL method, without exploiting the land and using the highest quality BIO ingredients for all recipes. Ours is a challenge that we carry forward with pride and passion in an area where only a few companies produce the “PGI Piedmont Hazelnut” of Langhe in a Biological and innovative way.

P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Identification)

Since 2020 our certification for Protected Geographical Identification (P.G.I.) has further evolved. We have obtained an other specification: the hazelnuts of our production are classified as “Piedmont hazelnut P.G.I.” of Langhe. This detail defines and specifies the production area inside the Langhe, a territory that has always been consecrated to the production of hazelnuts considered the best in the world: a cru that few companies can boast of having.


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